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Breaking Down the Rapid Progression of a House Fire | SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton

11/20/2023 (Permalink)

burning house roof Has a fire left your home in a devastating condition? SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton is Here to Help®. Call us today!

No homeowner wants to think about the possibility of suffering a house fire. The sheer amount of damage and destruction is one thing, but the danger that a fire poses to your family is another threat entirely. Any time that a fire breaks out in your home, your priority should always be finding your way to safety. 

Fire can fully engulf homes in just a few minutes, so knowing how fast they can spread and what to do if a fire starts in your home can keep your family safer in a true emergency situation.

The Minutes After a Fire Starts

Fires can start in any manner of ways, and they can get out of control quickly. A forgotten candle, an overloaded extension cord or a grease bubble that pops and sparks in the kitchen can lead to a growing blaze. 

Once the fire has started, it will start to consume everything flammable in its vicinity. 

After 30 seconds: The small flame grows into a large fire by consuming all of the available flammable materials. 

After one minute: Black smoke fills the entire room where the fire started. 

After two minutes: The smoke becomes dangerous to inhale. Blackout conditions may have occurred. 

After five minutes: Your entire home is engulfed in flames. 

How to Stay Safe

Your first goal should be either to quickly snuff out the flame or get out of your home as safely as you can. A quick reaction and a fire extinguisher can do wonders, but sometimes the fire will grow out of control before you get the chance to fight it, or you don’t feel safe enough to stay in the room to do so. 

Either way, your safety should be your top priority. Make a quick exit by finding the nearest door or window. If you are in an interior part of your home, you may have to get down on your hands and knees and crawl to safety. 

Even just a couple inhales of that smoke can disorient you and cause you to become sleepy, so stay below the smoke line and get outside to your family’s predetermined meeting location. Once outside, call 911 and make sure your family is accounted for. 

How We Can Help You Recover
Once the authorities have fought the fire and it is completely out, the shock of what just happened may start to creep in. Get on the phone and give us a call. We handle situations like this all of the time, and we can walk you through your recovery process step by step.

Whether your home is only partially damaged or sections of your house are a total loss, we can help you clean and restore your property from top to bottom. We will handle everything from the initial debris removal to the cleaning, sanitization and final reconstruction tasks. 

No fire damage is too large or too destructive for us to handle. We will always be here to help. 

Fire damage can be overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton for immediate assistance. 

SERVPRO of Stoughton, MA: Your Reliable Ally in Fire Damage Restoration

7/13/2023 (Permalink)

close up of house fire SERVPRO of Stoughton, MA, transforming fire-damaged spaces into safe havens with expert fire damage restoration—your recovery is our mission.

Fire damage can be a harrowing experience, but you're not alone. At SERVPRO of Stoughton, Massachusetts, we specialize in fire damage restoration, bringing your property back to life. We understand that each hour spent restoring your property equates to lost revenue and productivity. That's why we're committed to providing immediate, round-the-clock service. Our team of highly trained experts leverages advanced technology and industry-approved techniques to handle smoke, soot, and fire damage. From initial and ongoing damage assessment to cleanup, repair, and deodorization, we oversee the complete restoration process. We're not just about restoring buildings—we're about restoring peace of mind. Trust SERVPRO of Stoughton, Massachusetts, to turn a fire disaster into a mere memory. Your recovery is our mission.

Fire Damage Restoration: Stoughton and Brockton SERVPRO's Proactive Response to Crisis

6/27/2023 (Permalink)

burnt home interior due to fire damage Rising from the Ashes: Stoughton and Brockton SERVPRO's Rapid Response to Fire Damage Restoration

In the face of fire damage, quick and efficient restoration can make the difference between a minor setback and a significant business disruption. Stoughton and Brockton SERVPRO have proven time and again to be indispensable partners in such critical times.

SERVPRO’s team of professionals understands the urgency that fire damage demands. The intricate process of damage assessment, water removal, smoke, and soot clean-up, and restoration begins almost immediately to mitigate the aftermath of fire and prevent secondary damages.

Their state-of-the-art equipment and industry-approved techniques, coupled with extensive experience, ensure a thorough restoration process. From structural cleaning to content recovery, they meticulously restore your commercial space to its pre-fire condition. They also assist with insurance claims, simplifying the process and reducing stress for business owners.

Stoughton and Brockton SERVPRO's commitment to rapid and effective fire damage restoration allows businesses to bounce back from crises swiftly. Their service guarantees not just a restored physical space, but also a rapid return to normalcy, safeguarding your business's future.

Can Carpets Be Salvaged After a Fire?

3/16/2022 (Permalink)

Soot covers a table after a fire. SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton is Available for Fire Damage Clean Up Services 24/7, Call Us Now.

SERVPRO is committed to restoring fire damage, rather than replacing it.

Even if a fire does not cause extensive damage to a house, it can still do a lot of harm. The most serious problem is the bad odors all around. Strong odors can be caused by smoke particles that settle in everything.

Do You Have to Remove the Carpet?

Carpets and padding can trap odors from fire damage to your Onondaga Hill house. Carpets that are not damaged by fire can be saved if they are clean and dry. We offer several options for carpet cleaning. Hot water extraction, bonnet and deluxe preconditioning and rinse are all available. We also offer premier cleaning. SERVPRO can be trusted to:

  • Make sure smoky odors don't linger
  • Take out permanently damaged sections of the carpet
  • Pre-soak your carpet
  • To create a restoration plan, do a home scope
  • You can quickly get back to normal as soon as possible by working quickly
  • To remove any buildup or debris, deep clean your carpet.

SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton at (315) 488-3900 for professional fire damage services. We are faster to any size disaster.

Emergency Fire Damage Clean Up 24 Hour Service Stoughton

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Employee talking with a client. SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton is available to help you after a fire, call us 24/7.

When a fire gets out of control in a commercial or residential property the damage can be devastating. Even a small fire can cause a big problem and in those situations you count on SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton to be there for you in your time of need.

Our growing team is part of a larger network of franchises prepared to help in any size disaster. We are available to help when fire damages your home or commercial property, any time, day or night!

Our recovery portfolio includes fire damage repair projects where we were able to instantly scale up our operations to manage large projects such as the complete clean up of a 24 story multi-family residential building, a 20,000 sq ft manufacturing facility and a 2 story 42,000 sq ft commercial property. 

If you have unfortunate experience of a fire in your home or commercial property we are available 24/7 call us any time and we will connect you with a project manager that will be on-site and ready to begin recovery efforts immediately.

Smoke Odor & Soot Removal Brockton Massachusetts

12/19/2021 (Permalink)

Cleaning a wall covered in soot after a kitchen fire. SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton offers professional soot and smoke odor removal. We can rescue your home after a kitchen fire.

Smoke odor removal is a complicated process. It takes time and proper equipment, and the technician must be a professional to perform this job effectively. A thorough cleaning of the property will ensure that no traces of smoke will remain after the process is completed. The technicians will remove soot and other particles from the surfaces. Moreover, they will use industrial-grade shop vacuums equipped with HEPA filters to get rid of any lingering odor. The technicians will also thoroughly clean any contaminated surfaces, including walls and other surfaces.

When the process of smoke odor removal is complete, the entire house will smell fresh again. 

After the fire, you can start by airing out your home. You can open windows to let fresh air enter and remove any lingering odor. Then, you can place baking soda on upholstered furniture and carpets. You can leave the baking soda on the surfaces for hours or even days. Once it absorbs the smoke smell, your restoration technician can apply a HEPA filter vacuum and wipe it down.

Another way to eliminate smoke odor is to open windows and doors. Cracking the windows will allow outdoor air to enter your home, removing the smell and the particles associated with it. This will help you to get rid of the smoke odor. This is an excellent way to improve the quality of the air in your home. When you've finished cleaning, use the steam cleaner to clean the furniture. It will also improve the air inside your home.

After A Fire In Brockton, Massachusetts, We Are There To Help

11/2/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoration Near Me SERVPRO of Brockton/Stoughton is the area's #1 Fire Damage Restoration Team, Call Us 24/7.

Suffering a loss from fire or smoke damage is never easy, but if your home or commercial property is in need of cleaning after a fire we are there to help. Our team of experienced project managers and technicians are available 24/7 to provide emergency cleaning services after a fire. We service all of Brockton, Stoughton and the surrounding area. We also have franchise locations in Connecticut, Rhode Island & New York so if you own multiple properties we can manage them all. 

We provide all services that may be required after fire or smoke has damaged property including:

  • Soot/Ash Removal
  • Fire Damage Repair
  • Construction/Repair Services
  • Odor Removal
  • Airduct Cleaning
  • Packout & Storage Services

Our team is experienced in large scale commercial fire restoration. Your project manager will help to organize the jobsite so it is safe and, if possible, open in some capacity. If needed we will pack-up, store and clean items that may have been affected by the fire event. If there is damage beyond cleaning we provide construction services so we can replace damaged portions of property.

Let SERVPRO assist with your residential fire damage

9/29/2021 (Permalink)

a beautiful lantern lit in the dark Candles add beauty and fragrance to rooms. Home fires can also be caused by unattended candles.

Candles add beauty and fragrance to rooms. Home fires can also be caused by unattended candles.

A homeowner caused fire damage to his daughter's bedroom by lighting a candle and blowing newspaper into the flames. Firefighters quickly extinguished it, but smoke damage was widespread.

Remove Charred Items

The room containing the contents of the candle was too badly damaged for cleaning so it had to go. The homeowner or an adjuster must approve the techs removing any items from the room. This makes it easy for property owners to see the status of their restoration, and SERVPRO® is included in their insurance coverage.

Testing before Cleaning

Before you try to eliminate smoke residues from a space, make sure they have been tested. The amount and temperature of the smoke residue depends on how old the items were burned. Dry and wet smoke can be found in the same place.

Techs use dry cleaning sponges for gently removing dried smoke from walls or other painted surfaces. Wet smoke needs solvents to loosen its grip.

Bedroom Odor Control

It is crucial to eliminate charred material from the room. This will help reduce fire odors. The hot air expands when a fire starts, pushing the odorous smoke through porous items. There are several ways to remove the smells, including thermal fogging.

Duct Inspection

The fire was contained in the bedroom of the girl, but the family also used HVAC. It was possible for the soot from the conduit work to spread throughout the house. SERVPRO® technicians removed any lingering odors from the ducts.

SERVPRO® restores properties damaged by fire in their preloss condition.

Can the Contents in My Brockton House Affect the Fire Damage Restoration Processes

5/14/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged kitchen with soot covering everything Sometimes dealing with fire damage can be quite challenging. Contact our certified technicians to remediate the damage in your home 24/7.

SERVPRO Evaluates Residues Left in Brockton Houses After Fire and Smoke Damage for Better Results

Although the intensity and duration of fire are crucial determinants of the outcome, other factors can influence the level of damage you have to fix. The types of contents in the house can produce smelly, hard-to-clean residues, thus lengthening the cleanup operations or hamper salvage efforts.

Contents are made from various materials, including organic, synthetic, and inorganic materials. The challenge during fire restoration in Brockton residences is likely to be higher if there is a higher percentage of synthetic materials like plastics and others, producing wet smoke residues that adhere to surfaces. Eliminating the stench from a property after such a fire is also challenging. Older or unfinished wood surfaces are also challenging to clean because of their porous nature and roughness.

SERVPRO technicians perform various tests to identify residues and thus choose appropriate methods to remove them. For instance, blast cleaning, with a medium like dry ice or soda helps remove wet smoke residues fast or clean unfinished surfaces during:

  • Fire damage restoration
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Smoke remediation

SERVPRO of Metro Brockton offers high-quality fire damage restoration services. Call us at (508) 690-4690 when you need assistance.

Can Homeowners Save Pantry Items After a Fire?

3/9/2021 (Permalink)

small kitchen fire Kitchen and pantry fires are no easy task. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the experience and man power needed for your home.

SERVPRO technicians can help Brockton residents decide what is safe to keep during fire cleanup

Most homes have a well-stocked pantry. When a fire strikes, it can impact a family in ways you do not think about. Deciding what can be saved and what needs to be disposed of can be challenging, but SERVPRO is here to help.

Is it Safe to Keep Canned Goods?

Unless the Brockton pantry fire was a small, quickly contained fire and the canned goods were nowhere near it, the answer is no. It is not safe to do because:

Any fresh foods exposed to a fire, no matter how small, needs disposing of immediately. Food items in paper or plastic are not salvageable. Food is not cheap, and we understand that. But it is easier to replace groceries than to have to pay doctor’s bills from getting sick. 

Let the professionals at SERVPRO of Metro Brockton handle fire cleanup in your Brockton home. We have experienced technicians and the right equipment to mitigate the fire damage properly. Give us a call at (580) 690-4690, so we can help.

Expert Fire Damage Restoration Technicians in Brockton Remove Smoke Odors

2/10/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged foyer Even small fires can produce odors that linger. SERVPRO knows how to remove the odors and restore your home.

Stop Smoke from Causing Odors in Your Home for Years After an Accident

Only your nose can detect some of the most long-lasting and noticeable consequences of house fires. Smoke odors can be tough to deal with by yourself but hiring a company like SERVPRO for professional fire damage restoration work in Brockton can help to prevent a years-long issue from unfolding.

Our technicians receive training in cutting-edge restoration techniques and technologies. Typical scent removing products fail to remove these smells because smoke particles bury themselves deep within the porous materials of your home, such as in walls and furniture. When faced with fire odors, our specialists must apply many different techniques at once to achieve the best effect. Correctly removing smoke odors from a Brockton home requires several steps, including:

  • Replacing HVAC filters
  • Using thermal fogging devices
  • Washing fabrics and upholstery

Additionally, most fire damage restoration projects involve other corrective techniques that eliminate smoke smells at the source rather than mask them. The treatments we use depend on the type of smoke present in your home, the scale of the disaster, and other factors that may change depending on your situation.

Contact SERVPRO of Metro Brockton for expert help with your fire damage restorations at (508) 690-4690.

Brockton Arts Lovers – Particle & Wave: PaperClay Illuminated

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

Aerial view of museum Fire damage should not distort your daily activities. Let SERVPRO's experts bring your home back from fire damage and enjoy time with family.

Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA, is Proud to Host the Particle & Wave: PaperClay Illuminated Exhibition

Nothing is quite like immersing yourself in the world of arts and imagination, which is where paper clay makes an incredible place to start. Starting on December 19th, the Fuller Craft Museum is happy to begin showing the groundbreaking Particle & Wave: PaperClay Illuminated exhibition. This exhibit features 45 talented artists from all over the globe, showing off their paper clay craft. As a traveling exhibit, Brockton residents will have the chance to experience the wonder that this artistic medium has to offer from mid-December 2020 until May 30th, 2021.

  • Date: Begins December 19th, 2020, and ends May 30th, 2021
  • Where: Fuller Craft Museum, 455 Oak Street, Brockton, MA
  • Time: During museum hours – Tuesday through Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm
  • Cost: Museum admission is by donation, with a suggested donation being $12

Exploring the arts and global crafts is something that SERVPRO of Metro Brockton proudly supports. Should you suffer a fire tragedy in your Brockton home, our team is here to help with your fire damage mitigation needs. We arrive fast and get to work with proven methods and robust technology to restore your property. Call (508) 690-4690 to have a crew deployed to your address.

What if There is Soot in the Ductwork in Your Brockton Property?

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

house on fire If you need fire and smoke removal services, call SERVPRO of Metro Brockton at (508) 690-4690.

SERVPRO Mitigates Fire Damage in Brockton, Which Includes Cleaning Ductwork

Many homes in Brockton have an HVAC system with extensive ductwork. When a fire breaks out, even a small one, smoke residue can spread quickly through the system. This causes soot to settle into the smallest areas in your home. SERVPRO can provide fast mitigation to prevent further damage to your residence.

What Can Homeowners Do to Help?
Turning off the HVAC system immediately, even before SERVPRO arrives, can stop the spread of smoke residue. If you can do so safely, close the fire zone doors, and retrieve the equipment's paperwork. As part of our fire and smoke removal services in Brockton, we clean HVAC ductwork. Our technicians are trained in soot removal. They seal the interior if needed to prevent foul odors.
You may be tempted to clean the ductwork yourself if the fire was small, but you can do more damage that way. Calling in the professionals who understand the different types of smoke residue is the best thing to do.

The Right Cleaning Product for the Job
Because there are different types of soot, knowing what is present is crucial. Our technicians test the smoke particles, so they know exactly what they are dealing with. There are four different types. They include:
    •    Wet Smoke
    •    Dry Residue
    •    Protein Smoke
    •    Fuel

Once the smoke residue is determined, they can make the right choice in cleaning agents. Using the wrong cleaning agent can cause serious damage.

You do not have to call in a separate HVAC company to clean your ductwork. SERVPRO does the service as part of our fire restoration to your home. If you need fire and smoke removal services, call SERVPRO of Metro Brockton at (508) 690-4690. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

What Happens to My Canned Goods During Fire Damage Cleanup in Brockton?

9/7/2020 (Permalink)

House Fire If you need help with fire damage remediation, call SERVPRO of Metro Brockton at (508) 690-4690.

Brockton Residents Trust the SERVPRO brand for Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Any busy Brockton resident knows that a well-stocked pantry is a great way to fight the urge to live on takeout food. Keeping your pantry stocked is an investment, and naturally, you want to stop your canned and packet goods from getting damaged.

When it comes to fire damage cleanup in Brockton, you might wonder what will happen to your food stocks. Is it safe to keep canned food after a fire? What about getting your kitchen back to working order?

Is it safe to keep canned goods after a fire?
Unfortunately, you must dispose of most canned goods after a fire. The only exception is if you stored the cans so far from the source of the fire that they have not suffered smoke damage or heat exposure. However, it is better to err on the side of caution, as canned food can easily get contaminated during a fire.

Heat can cause cans to expand or crack, letting in microbes and soot particles. Once a can has a compromised seal, the contents can quickly spoil. Damaged cans might also get contaminated by highly toxic firefighting chemicals.

What about other food?
You must dispose of all fresh food that was exposed to heat, fumes, or smoke. You must also dispose of food kept in plastic or paper packaging. Refrigerator and freezer seals are not smoke-proof, so if you suspect smoke got into your fridge or freezer, you must toss the food from there too.

We know how frustrating this is – food is not cheap. However, it is better to trash it than risk eating spoiled or contaminated food.

How do I know how far the smoke damage extends?
SERVPRO of Metro Brockton trains its technicians to carry out a thorough examination of your home. Our teams know how to look for the faintest signs of smoke damage. We understand that smoke damage varies widely depending on the substances involved in the fire. If the fire started in your kitchen, burning protein can cause thick yellowish residue that is harder to see than black soot, and often smells pungent.

Is there a way to protect my pantry from a fire?
The best way to protect your pantry is to be fire aware. The kitchen is a common location for fires, and it is all too easy for a pan to catch alight, or for oil to combust. SERVPRO recommends being safety conscious at all times:

    •    Never leave hot pots unattended
    •    Keep your oven and stovetop clean
    •    Be mindful of trailing or worn appliance cords – move the trailing ones and replace the damaged ones
    •    Use a gate to prevent small children or pets entering the kitchen while you are cooking
    •    Keep appliances clean and in good working order, and unplug them when not in use
    •    Keep an ABC type fire extinguisher under the sink or another handy place

We also suggest installing a smoke alarm in your kitchen and testing it regularly.

Can I start cleaning my pantry before SERVPRO arrives?
We understand that after a fire, you want to get your home back to normal quickly. Many of our customers want to help with cleanup or get started while waiting for our crew to arrive. However, we do not recommend cleaning smoke and soot residues by yourself.

Fire cleanup is a job for the professionals. Effective remediation requires protective equipment and a range of professional cleaning solutions and tools. By tackling cleanup yourself, you put yourself at the risk of breathing in smoke and soot.

Because our technicians understand the theory of fire and how it spreads, and how soot bonds to surfaces, they know how to search for fire damage. SERVPRO teams check everywhere for traces of smoke, including:

    •    The ceiling and walls of the room where the fire began
    •    The furthest corners of the house
    •    Unseen nooks and crannies such as behind heaters or under pictures on the wall
    •    Furniture, drapes, and rugs
    •    HVAC systems and ducts

Once we locate smoke residues, we draw up a cleaning plan.

What is the SERVPRO fire damage cleanup process?
We start with a thorough assessment of the fire damage and draw up a tailored remediation plan. If there is water left over from firefighting efforts, or your home is damp, we factor water pumping and drying into our plan.

We take care of any immediate safety risks, such as boarding up where necessary, or stabilizing the structure as needed.

Once your home is secure, we set to work cleaning up using a range of mechanical and chemical processes. We clean your home from top to bottom, including HVAC systems, crawl spaces, attics, and basements as needed.

After fire cleanup, we deodorize your home to ensure it smells fresh.

If you need help with fire damage remediation, call SERVPRO of Metro Brockton at (508) 690-4690.

Are We Doomed to a Lifetime of Unpleasant, Smoky Odors After a Brockton Kitchen Fire?

7/13/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged kitchen; charred table; smoke and soot on walls and cabinets Kitchen fire damage is particularly difficult to clean. SERVPRO has the equipment and knjowledge to restore your home.

Never Fear -- SERVPRO Specialists Have a Wide Range of Effective Solutions for Lingering Fire Odors in Your Brockton Home  

A grease and food fire causes much drama in your Brockton household. Still, with our proprietary cleaning products and our hardworking technicians' effort, the walls, tables, counters, hoods, appliances, ceilings, and more are soon clean and sanitized. Although the fast turnaround is a relief, allowing you and your family to get back to normal activities, a strong stench often persists, an unwanted reminder of the fire's stress and worry. 

Why Is the Lingering Smell After a Kitchen Fire Still So Unpleasant and Pronounced? 

When SERVPRO learns that the fire started in your Brockton kitchen, we prepare ourselves for a demanding set of tasks. Protein-based residue comprises the dehydrated remnants of the food and fats involved in the fire. The high temperatures reached during the fire cause the oils in the foodstuffs to become rancid rapidly, explaining the pungent odors. Greasy and tenacious, protein-based residues start as a mist of oily matter that can drift throughout your home.  

What Special Tricks Do Professionals Use to Deodorize Greasy Residues? 

We pay special attention to removing every visible bit of the greasy soot coating, typically employing a solvent and adding an abrasive substance to the cleaning solution or an abrasive tool such as steel wool or sandpaper to loosen the bond. The malodors that remain after a thorough cleaning are eliminated by the use of: 

  • Thermal fogging -- deodorants combust into tiny particles within a heated chamber and then dispersed in the affected area. The deodorant particles pair with and neutralize the remaining bits of superheated grease and food.
  • Hydroxyl generators -- hydroxyl molecules generated with UV light seek out the odiferous protein-based molecules and cause a chemical change that eliminates the stench. 

A combination of good old-fashioned cleaning and innovative products, techniques, and equipment permits SERVPRO of Metro Brockton to deliver a clean and odor-free kitchen after the fire. Call us at (508) 690-4690 to arrange an evaluation of the malodor challenges a protein fire presents. 

More about Brockton.

Restoring Your Brockton Home After A Fire

6/15/2020 (Permalink)

Burned interiors after fire Let SERVPRO of Metro Brockton be your guide as you eliminate all traces of fire damage from your home.

Your Brockton Pantry Also Suffers From Fire Damage

Restoring your Brockton home after a fire is not a simple task. There are several tiers in managing the emergency, starting with relocating your family and pets while you assess the extent of the damage. As a follow-up, you need to understand just how widespread the fire damage is and how long it would take to restore your home. Making an educated decision about what to salvage and what is not easy, which is why relying on a professional team is your best option.

Homeowners facing fire damage in Brockton can rely on SERVPRO to help them through the process of discarding items where soot and smoke have settled. Our team is available around the clock to begin the restoration process as soon as possible, thus minimizing the time and cost related to the incident. Packing up your home to allow for repairs and to remove traces of the fire is an essential step, but many do not realize that some items need to be out of your life for good, even if they appear to be in pristine condition.

Soot and smoke have a way to reach all parts of your home, even if they are far away from where the fire first started. Our SERVPRO team knows how to handle this situation by using specialized cleaning solutions, which vary depending on the composition of the items that burnt. If done incorrectly, cleaning agents can cause more damage because of their abrasive nature. Let our team make a knowledgeable decision and preserve your belongings.

While you identify your priceless possessions, you may feel like packing items like cleaners, food items, and other personal hygiene products. Even when they seem to be in good shape, you may be better off disposing of them. They may appear sealed, but the heat brought on by the fire may cause physical and chemical changes detrimental to your health and their shelf life. When in doubt, let our SERVPRO team guide you and decide what you can dispose of and what warrants keeping. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you.

Fire damage affects your walls, furniture, and even the toothpaste in your bathroom. Let SERVPRO of Metro Brockton be your guide as you eliminate all traces of fire damage from your home. Call us at (508) 690-4690 and let us work with you to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Why Do Professional Restorers Focus First on Water Issues After a Household Fire?

5/28/2020 (Permalink)

Firefighters putting a fire out at a home. Let SERVPRO help you balance the water and fire damage when you have a fire in your Brockton home.

The Multi-Certified Team from SERVPRO Provides an Integrated Water and Fire Damage Response for Our Brockton Neighbors

While firefighters apply chemical extinguishing agents and water during the height of a blaze, homeowners are grateful for the rapid knockdown of the fire. Only when you view your property after its survival of the fire emergency, do you realize the severity of the water loss. Significant water damage is understandable given the alternative, but it now needs immediate attention.

What Makes Water Damage the First Priority in a Fire Recovery?

The resolution of fire damage in your Brockton house includes the management of prompt water removal and thorough structural drying, including moisture hidden in building cavities. The safety risks presented by standing and absorbed water are substantial and must abate before smoke and soot cleanup can begin in earnest. Safety concerns include:

  • Slip, trip, and fall fears
  • Potential weakening and collapse of ceilings and walls because of heavy, collected water
  • Electric shock exposure
  • Deterioration of porous materials and oxidation of metal framing and fasteners
  • Activation of mold growth and consequent damage

How Do Restoration Companies Balance Water Removal with the Urgent Need for Fire Damage Cleanup?

We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, arriving quickly with fully stocked services vehicles after your call. One contingent of the SERVPRO crew responds to the water damage with high-efficiency extractors and state of the art structural drying equipment. Meanwhile, project managers evaluate the types and extent of soot damage, matching products and strategies so that we can move directly to residue removal after the water mitigation and remediation completes.  The transition from water to fire damage recovery is seamless.

Adherence to restoration industry best practices for both water and fire damage ensures that SERVPRO of Metro Brockton can bring your home back to preloss condition fast. Call us at (508) 690-4690 to start the transformation to “Like it never even happened.”

To find out more about Brockton, click here.