Recent Before & After Photos

Why SERVPRO for Fire Damage Cleanup in Brockton

The charred debris from the curtains, walls, trim, and bedding in this Brockton bedroom requires immediate removal to mitigate the fire damage. SERVPRO--We're F... READ MORE

Brockton Banking Night Deposit of Water

The broken water line running through the attic void above the acoustical drop ceiling soaked the floor, some fixtures, and more in this Brockton bank. Of cours... READ MORE

Efforts in Brockton to Salvage Storm-Damaged Flooring

Our SERVPRO technicians answer the challenge to minimize the replacement of engineered wood flooring in this Brockton home. Because our customer called us immed... READ MORE

When Mold Damage is Worse than It Looks

The bathtub enclosure in this Brockton home indicated mold stains on the grout lines. However, the moisture that fueled this mold colonization had significantly... READ MORE

Grease Fire Damage in Brockton

Once again, a skillet overheated and splashed hot oil onto the nearby towels and curtains, resulting in significant fire damage to this Brockton home. We unders... READ MORE

Water Damage Related Demolition in Abington

The water seeped from the flat roof area and hip of this Abington garage and soaked the walls and ceiling. The homeowner called our SERVPRO team to make his pro... READ MORE

Professional Water Removal and Restoration in Brockton

Massachusetts, including the Brockton commercial area, rely on SERVPRO to keep their businesses working, even during a damaging water event. Our team can respon... READ MORE

Conference Center in Brockton--Flooded

The ruptured firewater supply pipe on the wall by the bay doors flooded this building's interior in Brockton with voluminous standing water. Since this flooding... READ MORE

Flooded Rooms in a Brockton Home

The unfortunate result of the flooding that entered the lower front rooms of this Brockton house was more damage than the Photo would indicate. The inexpensive ... READ MORE

Fire and Soot Damage in a Brockton Kitchen

The Before Photo illustrates the consequences of a small grease-fueled fire in this Brockton kitchen. The oil-based soot sticks to all surfaces, including the p... READ MORE