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Locating a Leak After a Storm | SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton

6/16/2023 (Permalink)

A ceiling weighed down by the weight of water and showing leaks and mold growth Summer storms are great for gardens, not your home. If you experience water damage, call SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton to get your home cleaned up.

We are lucky to experience all four seasons in the Brockton area. Warm and sunny summers give way to cozy and snowy winters, and we get to experience everything in between. That also means we encounter many different weather situations throughout the year.

Any time that rain or melting snow is present, your home is vulnerable to a potential water leak that can cause widespread issues.

In order to catch these leaks before they damage your walls, floors and ceilings, you have to know where to look around your home. Our SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton team explains some of the places that are more vulnerable to water leaks, so read on to learn more.

Around Your Windows and Thresholds

This is one of the most common places for a water leak to occur, but that should be no surprise! Any space that has direct access to the outside is constantly coming into contact with the elements and can spring a leak at any time.

Rain can easily get in between the window sashes and jambs, which will eventually leak behind your walls and into your wall studs. Typically these leaks aren’t noticeable right away, and you can be left with rotten walls or mold around the framing of your house.

The threshold of your exterior doors also can cause water troubles. A door that hangs slightly ajar or isn’t tight against the door frame can invite water up under the door, which can leak down onto your floors as well as soak into the wood underneath your threshold. If that wood can’t dry out properly, it will lead to warping, sagging and rotting as well.

Along Your Roof Line

Our roofs have the huge responsibility of protecting us from the elements and keeping us dry. They block out the snow on the snowiest winters and offer protection when a severe storm whips through town.

Even though your roof and shingles are built to withstand these impacts, they are not indestructible. Over time, wear and tear can lead to damage during a heavy rain or high wind event.

Leaks can occur around your attic windows or skylights, or water can get up under a missing or broken shingle and leak down your walls that way. It is crucial for you to check your roof after every storm and repair any damage you see right away. If you don’t, this damage will only compound and get worse the next time it rains.

Your Basement

If you cringe every time you hear of a storm with heavy rain or when we are on the brink of a spring thaw after a snowy winter, we hear you. Flooded or damp basements are a common occurrence in our area, and it can lead to structural issues to your home and foundation if it becomes a chronic issue.

Patch up any cracks or leaks you see along your foundation lines, and try to ensure your gutters are clear and ready to move any rain down and away from your home. If they are clogged, the rain will back up onto your roof and pour over the sides of your house and land directly onto your foundation. From there, it will seep down into your basement and can cause widespread water damage in a short amount of time.

By understanding where water issues normally crop up in homes, you can check these spaces often and especially after each storm we experience. If you do notice water damage, call SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton for a fast and efficient restoration.

Suffering from water damage? Our SERVPRO specialists can help.

Stoughton Storm Repair Team is Available 24 Hours 7 Days A Week

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

Cars driving on a busy road in heavy rain. SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton can help when your property is damaged by water, call us anytime!

We are used, up in the north east, large storms such hurricanes and nor’easters. These storms bring in copious amounts of rainfall in a short amount of time and have the potential for widespread flooding and destruction.

SERVPRO technicians keep track of the weather so that when things look bleak, they have their trucks loaded and ready for action. We will offer services such as sandbag positioning and window board up even before the storm arrives to help prevent damage.

Water damage is most often the most significant cause of any damage. Stormwater damage can also include flash flooding caused by intense rain, storm and sewer drain overflows, rivers, lakes, ponds, or the ocean. It is important that you call us immediately when this type of storm damage occurs. The quicker we respond, the faster we can clean up the mess and the greater chance of restoring the property.

Do you have concerns about your commercial property and home due to a storm? Our project managers are able to offer many solutions to help flood-prone properties and buildings escape major damage during a storm.

Water Damage Clean Up Stoughton MA

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

Water is leaking on a black tile floor SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton provides 24/7 Water Damage Repair Services. Locally Serving Stoughton and Brockton Massachusetts and beyond.

SERVPRO and Water Damage Restoration are considered by many to be synonymous. This is no accident, we are the experts at water damage restoration. Our method for water damage restoration and repair is meticulously planned and well-informed. We employ the most current technology and methods to prevent damage to property or building materials that was previously thought to have been irreparably damaged by water. We learn constantly to better understand how to quickly restore and repair property after water damage.

Water damage can result from a number of common disasters. For instance, flooding or storms can happen at any time of the year. Floods, rains and other water sources that cause damage to your home can lead to water infiltration. This will lead to mold growth, and other types property damage. Our project managers are quick to respond and will work diligently to minimize the aftermath damage.

A building's water damage could also come from inside, such as leaking pipes or backups. These water damage situations can lead to your property becoming contaminated by bacteria and other waste. It will be necessary to take special care when cleaning up and removing any materials or saturated items. The water supply pipe that is leaking or burst can be cleaned easily. Our equipment and knowledge will help you to avoid costly construction and material removal.

We will provide you with a free estimate to begin restoration work as soon as possible if your property is damaged by water. We can work closely with your insurance provider to provide regular communication and updates while we restore your property's preloss condition. We are always available and local.

Winter Freeze is On • Here is what to do if a pipe breaks in your Stoughton, MA home.

2/7/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Employees load equipment into a SERVPRO van. SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton • Disaster Restoration Services & Construction • Call Us 24/7

The winter freeze is on here in the Stoughton, Brockton area of Massachusetts. The last few days have stayed below freezing throughout the day and the potential for water supply pipes to freeze and break increases by the day when conditions are this cold. 

If you are in the unfortunate situation of having this type of disaster there are a few things you can do to save yourself money and stress. In immediate after math find the closest shut off and stop the flow of water. If you are unable to locate the shutoff you will want to call an emergency plumber quickly as stoping the flow of water into the build must happen as quickly as possible.

Next, if you can, remove water logged items in the room such as curtains, area rugs, toys and clothing, etc. The more damp items that can be taken out of the home the better. That extra humidity will quickly promote mold growth so removing it is imperative.

At this point your next best move is to call SERVPRO. Our water damage restoration team will provide the correct drying equipment and services to quickly remove any other wet materials such as carpets and sheetrock from the home. Then we will provide dehumidification services to stop mold growth.

Finally we can provide complete construction services to replace carpets, flooring, sheetrock, cabinets and more.

Call us 24/7, if needed we will arrive immediately to begin restoration services.

Basement Flooded? We Can Help.

12/9/2021 (Permalink)

A building is flooded water is visible on the carpet SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton is available 24/7 when flooding and water damage occurs.

A flood can leave behind numerous contaminants. It can also spread mold, which can quickly become a major issue. If you've experienced a flood in your home or commercial property, you should have your home cleaned by a flood damage repair company as soon as possible. SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton is here to help in these situations. Our team of trained water damage restoration professionals is waiting at the ready 24/7.

In addition to removing standing water, flooded buildings can be a safety hazard. This includes electrical shock, trip and fall hazards, and even the risk of mold damage. You should also make sure that the local government and insurance company give the go-ahead for reconstruction before you resume normal operations. Once the flood water removal is done, it can take weeks to completely dry the area and put the building back together.

Our professional restoration team will be able to help you get your property back to normal. The restoration process can even involve the installation of waterproof membranes and drainage systems. This can help prevent future flooding. When you hire a professional team to restore your home or commercial property, you'll be able to relax knowing that the flood damage repair job will be done right the first time.

Depending on the extent of the flood, you may have to evacuate the home or commercial property until it is fully restored. The restoration process will require the removal of flooded items and cleaning the area. You should hire a company that does the job effectively and efficiently.

Avoid Water Damage In Massachusetts, Check Your Pipes Now

11/2/2021 (Permalink)

Water Damage Repair Massachusetts SERVPRO of Stoughton, Brockton is the area's #1 Water Damage Repair Team, Call Us 24/7

Winter is closing in and colder weather is right around the corner. Before you suffer a water damage you should check your home or commercial property for areas that may need additional insulation, heating, or other attention that will prevent freezing weather from penetrating your property and potentially freezing water pipes in the process. Depending upon the size of the home or commercial property this type of damage can result in thousands of dollars in damage and may require many weeks of construction to repair.

Review all locations inside your property where water pipes are running. In particular, check pipes close to exterior walls, in basements, in attics, adjacent to unheated areas (i.e. garages) or pipes that are just in colder areas of your property. If necessary place an exterior thermometer in the space to see if the temperature is warmer than the outside air. 

If these areas are cold then it may be a good idea to insulate the pipes, or the surrounding area, or add a space or pipe heater. Taking these small steps can prevent a major disaster. If you have any questions, call our office 24/7!

Does Professional Water Damage Restoration Affect the Level of Damage in Abington Properties?

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

standing in pool of water in home. Pooling water from a water disaster can be armful. Call SERVPRO and let their team of experts do the dirty work for you.

SERVPRO Anticipates Some Problems during Water Damage Repairs in Abington Homes Thus Avoiding Them

After a leak in your Abington home, you might have several issues to address before your property regains its preloss state. What you might not realize is that water damage involves more than just the puddles pooling on the floors or soaked items. Involving a professional restoration team eases the restoration of all issues, including the hidden ones.

Many of the hidden aspects of water damage in Abington homes develop after the initial loss. For instance, when water is left to sit on surfaces for long, it evaporates, increasing humidity levels which can shift damage to other areas through condensation or absorption by hygroscopic materials. High humidity levels can also affect items such as electronics by causing rust in internal components. The Actions taken by SERVPRO can help prevent these outcomes.

Actions taken during water damage remediation fall into different categories like:

SERVPRO technicians can protect your valuables from harm even as we prepare to extract the water pooling in the property. We check humidity levels room by room using thermos-hygrometers and set up dehumidifiers to keep relative humidity at optimum levels such as 50%.

Our teams also expedite water removal using several portable extractors, limiting the time it interacts with various materials in your home. Such action helps save more semi-porous materials since it reduces the amount of water absorbed. 

Optimizing repair work is also possible through steps such as:

  • Making unique wall cuts, thus removing only the affected materials
  • Reducing teardown by using cavity drying equipment

SERVPRO of Metro Brockton customizes water damage restoration efforts delivering the exceptional results homeowners need. Call us at (508) 690-4690 when you need assistance. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Can Water Mitigation Efforts in Brockton Residences Restore Pre-loss Conditions?

5/9/2021 (Permalink)

a puddle of water on wood floor Whether you find the moisture and water damage right away or it remains hidden for a while, team SERVPRO can help with the remediation process.

SERVPRO Evaluates Moisture Issues Keenly in Brockton Properties during Water Damage Repairs

The quaint city of Brockton, MA, has a population of 95,708 according to a 2019 estimate. Although less popular than other cities within the state, it has a rich history and many programs focusing on the youth. No wonder the city has bagged the “100 Best Communities for Young People” award four times. Some of the programs that focus on the youth include Brockton’s Promise, an education program that motivates young people to graduate. Another program called School on Wheels facilitates homeless teens to ensure they thrive academically.

Entertainment Joints in Brockton

Apart from the programs equipping young people with life skills, there are several resources within the city for fun activities. Typical examples include bowling alleys, gaming, and entertainment centers where people can sample various recreational activities. One such facility is the Westgate Lanes located on Route 27. Stadia such as the Campanelli Stadium provide space for various entertainment activities, including ball games, concerts, and family events. 

The City Played a Role in the History of Electricity

In the early stages of developing electricity systems, Thomas Edison needed a place to test and popularize standardized central power systems. He chose Brockton because of its uniquely progressive policies. On October 1st 1883, Edison switched on the system making Brockton the first area in the world to have a triple-wire underground electrical system.

The electricity system led to other developments, including the first fire station operated by electricity in 1884 and the opening of a Theater in 1894, which was the first to be connected to the unique three-wire electricity system. The city is also recognized for other historical developments not tied to electricity development. Various monuments commemorate these contributions, including:

  • Thomas Edison Exhibit

The Brockton Historical Society maintains the exhibit, which features the earliest electrical artifacts, including wiring, fixtures, and the earliest versions of standardized incandescent bulbs. 

  • Rocky Marciano Statue

The towering bronze statue commemorates one of the boxing legends and hometown hero, Rocky Marciano, who died in 1969 after a plane crash. He retained the heavyweight title for four years and retired undefeated. 

  • The Shoe Museum

In the past, the city was the focal point of shoe manufacturing. The shoe museum was dedicated in 1981 to promote and preserve the history of the US shoe industry. It hosts a collection of over 500 shoe exhibits and records related to the industry.

How Does Probing Ensure SERVPRO Delivers Quality Results During Water Mitigation Exercises?

Moisture issues can be overt or hidden. For instance, water pooling on a surface such as a floor or ceiling cavity is easy to identify. However, a hidden bathtub leak can remain unnoticed for some time. The outcomes can be equally devastating whether there is an open or hidden moisture issue.

Carrying out a proper evaluation before starting water mitigation processes in Brockton properties helps establish the extent of the problem and the kind of resources needed for the task. Our SERVPRO technicians explore different aspects of the loss. For instance, we check the depth of pooling water, moisture levels in wet materials, and even moisture pockets in wall or floor assemblies. We use different tools, including thermal cameras and penetrative moisture meters, ensuring we deliver the best results whether you are dealing with:

  • Emergency services water damage
  • Water damage remediation
  • Basement flooding

 SERVPRO of Metro Brockton offers reliable water mitigation services. Call us at (508) 690-4690.

Which Techniques Complete Water Damage Restoration Efficiently In Brockton?

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

flood in laundry room from leaking pipe SERVPRO is proficient in water damage restoration services. Our technicians are IICRC certified for any size job.

SERVPRO Uses Several Approaches When Delivering Water Removal Services in Brockton

The city of champions, as Brockton is christened, is an exciting place to live, especially for young people or those seeking friendlier rent rates in the greater Boston area. It is the seventh-largest city in Massachusetts. The moniker "City of Champions" was coined after the exploits of local boxers Marvin Haggler and Rocky Marciano. Haggler was known for his fierce spirit inside and outside the ring over his 14-year career. He won with knockouts in 52 of his total 67 fights. The success of Brockton High School sports programs has also helped sustain the nickname.

A Friendly Environment with Various Amenities 

Brockton is a friendly place with approachable neighbors and various amenities such as the Massasoit Community College and Brockton Public library. The name Massasoit comes from the paramount chief of the Algonquian tribe of Native Americans. The college excels in many disciplines, including varsity sports like men's and women's basketball, soccer, softball, and baseball - the campus is also an excellent place for neighborhood jogs.

The Brockton library started as a way to foster literacy and access to historical materials for genealogical purposes. The library has over 17000 videos, 140000 books, and 1000 audiotapes. Users can also access collections from 29 other libraries as part of the Old Colony Library Network. Provision of internet access helps complete it as a source of knowledge.

Social Facilities to Visit in Brockton

The city offers much, including a variety of cuisines from Portuguese, Caribbean, to Swedish. When you want to hang out with family or friends, there are several joints you can visit, including:

  • Preto's Island Cuisine Restaurant

It is located on Main Street and is highly rated for the unique African Cuisine, mostly specializing in Cape Verdean dishes. They also serve top-shelf drinks, and the setting offers excellent ambiance. There are other restaurants in the vicinity, such as the Italian Kitchen, which offers Italian dishes, and McMenamy, which specializes in seafood.

  • D.W. Field Park

When searching for a spot to relax, the park can be a great choice. There is a fieldstone observation tower built at its highest point, offering unrestricted views as far as Blue Hills in all directions. The park was created in 1925 at the request of Daniel W. Field, a local businessman.

  • The Fuller Craft Museum 

The art and craft museum on Oak Street is distinguished as the only craft museum within the New England area. It features pieces from different origins and genres.

Which Approaches Does SERVPRO Use for Water Damage Restoration in Brockton?

Moisture management is a crucial aspect of water damage remediation. The actual technique used depends on several factors, including the amount and state of the moisture. If there is pool collecting on a surface or heavily saturated material, extraction is the practical option. For wetness in materials, removal through evaporation or dehumidification is the viable solution. Some cases may also fall between the different classifications. For instance, water trapped at the bottom of the wall cavity may not be readily extracted. SERVPRO has unique solutions for each situation since we are proficient in handling:

  • Basement flooding
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks 

We exploit various solutions, including angling air movers for better evaporation, drilling vent holes, and the use of specialized cavity drying equipment to deliver the results you expect.

During water damage restoration, SERVPRO of Metro Brockton strives to restore properties to their preloss condition. Call us at (508) 690-4690.

An Expert Touch for Flooring Materials in Brockton Water Damage Restoration

2/3/2021 (Permalink)

City street at night; lights shining Day or night, SERVPRO can handle your water damage restoration needs.

How the Civil War Helped Launch Our City

For many people and places, the American Civil War was a disastrous affair that caused widespread destruction. For the city of Brockton, however, the Civil War became the catalyst for our community’s rapid growth.

In the early 19th century, local cobblers made shoes of varying quality. Residents of small towns like Brockton would either settle for a local craftsman’s products or travel far to cities like Boston that contained more reputable shops. As large-scale textile mills began to sweep across the country, shoemakers began to scale up as well, but it would not be until the outbreak of the Civil War that Brockton became the largest manufacturer of shoes in the country.

With the sudden demand for many thousands of pairs of boots for the rapidly expanding Union Army, nascent shoe industries in Brockton exploded into industrial facilities of unprecedented scale. People moved and immigrated to the city from places near and far to take advantage of competitive wages. After the war ended, these facilities continued expanding, churning out civilian footwear of all sorts that could be shipped and sold everywhere in the country. Brockton may have put many cobblers out of business. However, its status as “Shoe City” was cemented for over a century.

The First City to Glow at Night

Many towns recall the early days of electricity as a turning point for their communities. Whether for industry, investment, or only entertainment, many modern cities emerged as notable towns thanks to their early electric systems implementation. However, Brockton has a better claim to fame: our municipality was the first in the entire country to have a power grid.

Thomas Edison was perhaps singularly responsible for spreading power grids across urban areas in the United States. In his early years, Brockton was one of the only places that would entertain his seemingly outlandish inventor’s spirit. In 1883, just a few years after the lightbulb invention, our city streets received Edison’s prototype model for a city power supply. Factories developed new electric machinery, shops adorned their fronts with light bulbs, and the city streets glowed with modern technology. Important inventions that got some of their first public showings here included:

  • Light bulbs
  • Motors
  • Switches

Soon, the technologies developed in Brockton would spread nationwide. Edison continued to tinker with technologies in our neighborhoods, always looking for another way to build his technological empire.

Restoring the Flooring After Water Damage in Brockton

Flooring materials can be some of the most challenging components of the home during a water damage restoration project in Brockton. Restoring rather than replacing these materials takes experience and training. SERVPRO technicians have helped local homeowners recover many different types of flooring, including:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Carpet
  • Tile
  • Concrete

Each material requires different cleaning supplies and specialized treatments to protect against damage. For example, wood floorboards may warp or bend if dried improperly. Hiring a professional company like SERVPRO stops mistakes from being made and costs from racking up.

SERVPRO of Metro Brockton helps local homeowners recover from the effects of water damage. Call us 24/7 at (508) 690-4690.

Repair of Water Damage is Best Left to Skilled Technicians to Ensure Your Brockton Property Gets the Attention it Deserves

12/9/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Call the experts at SERVPRO when your property is in need of water damage mitigation..

SERVPRO of Metro Brockton Can Handle Any Level Emergency with Proven Water Damage Repair Methods

When it comes to cities in New England, Brockton, Massachusetts, is a well-known name. This city is situated in Plymouth County and boasts a population of about 95,314 when the 2015 U.S. Census was taken. The county seats of Plymouth County include both Brockton and Plymouth. Brockton itself happens to be one of the country's windiest cities, having an average 14.3 mph wind speed.

Brockton is known as the City of Champions because of the success of native boxing professionals Marvin Hagler and Rocky Marciano. It happens to be the seventh-largest city in the state and home to an immense love of sports. Brockton High School is known throughout the region for having highly successful sports programs, and the city is host to a popular baseball team known as the Brockton Rox.

There are several villages throughout the city of Brockton, with two notable names being Campello and Montello. Each of these villages has their own post offices and MBTA commuter rail stations. While Campello remains the smaller neighborhood in the city, it is still more populous. 

Brockton, Massachusetts, is Rich with Interesting History Worth Exploring

You will find Brockton just 20 miles to the south of the Massachusetts state capital of Boston. These lands that current residents occupy came from a sale made by the Native Americans to John Alden and Myles Standish back in 1649. This was when the area became part of the Plymouth colony. Originally a farming community, Brockton was part of Bridgewater town until the year 1821, and it was referred to as North Bridgewater before renaming to Brockton in 1874 after Brockton, Ontario, Canada. 

In the 1750s, shoe manufacturing was thriving in the region. The McKay machine development for sewing came about in 1865, which made it easier to work on sewing the soles and uppers of shoes. With all of the demand for footwear during the American Civil War, it is no wonder why Brockton was a significant production center for boots. 

Brockton was one of the first cities within the state of Massachusetts to install electric street lighting in 1884. They also worked to pioneer the operation of electronically powered streetcars. In 1893, the city also developed the municipal system for inland sewage disposal, which was a model widely copied from other regions. 

Incredible Attractions and Historical Destinations Await Everyone Visiting Brockton

Fuller Craft Museum – This museum is located at 455 Oak Street and filled to the brim with beautiful folk art and smatterings of works from contemporary artists. Fondly referred to as the local arts and crafts hub, this museum was founded back in 1946 and today receives about 20,000 visitors each year. It happens to be the only museum in all of New England that is focused on showcasing arts and crafts. 

Brockton Audubon Preserve – Handled by Wildlands Trust, this stunning preserve includes 125 acres of land that is home to local wildlife, plants, trees, and hiking trails. Whether you want a quiet place to go for a solo walk, you want to take your dog out for some exercise, or you would like to snap pictures of nature, this is a real natural oasis to behold amidst an otherwise urban setting.

South Street Historic District – One of the must-sees in the area is this historic district that runs along South Street from the Main Street area onward to Warren Avenue. From the 1850s to 1915, South Street was a very fashionable address to have. Today, you can visit to explore a broad range of architectural styles, with Colonial Revival being the most prominent. Within this district, you will find two historical church buildings. Built back in 1854 is the South Congregational Church, along with the South Street Methodist Church, which was built in 1880. Today, the latter has been converted into residential living spaces. 

Experiencing the Diverse Food Offerings Throughout the City of Brockton

There is truly something for everyone when looking for bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, and bars in Brockton. Some of the top must-try eateries include:

  • Tommy Doyle’s Pub & Grill – Well-loved by locals and visitors alike, Tommy Doyle’s on 327 North Pearl Street is the place to go whether you are looking for a steamed lobster dinner, a frothy brew, and a sandwich, or a plate of steak tips cooked to perfection. 
  • Stonebridge Café – Located on Belmont Street, the Stonebridge Café is the ultimate place to go when you want a hot breakfast and a perfect cup of coffee. The atmosphere is light and friendly, including a staff that tends to get to know patrons by name.
  • Yamato Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi – If you are hoping for impeccably crafted sushi and a range of Asian-inspired dishes, this is a popular stop on 510 Westgate Drive. Patrons love the hibachi tables' lively atmosphere, but there are plenty of quiet places to sit and enjoy exquisite dishes throughout the restaurant.

Brockton Residents Know That They Can Count on SERVPRO for Prompt, Reliable Water Damage Repair

Something many Brockton homeowners may not expect is to have a slow leak within their plumbing system. If you have a pipe with a slow leak, it could lead to immense damage away from your immediate view. The minute you spot the signs of water damage, it is crucial that you pinpoint the cause and call in the help of skilled professionals to restore your interior to like-new condition. Wait too long could lead to the onset of potentially harmful mold and mildew. 

Some of the signs to look for that you may need assistance with water damage repair in Brockton include:

  • Brown stains and discoloration on your walls or ceilings
  • Musty smells
  • Sounds that resemble trickling or running water
  • An unexplained uptick in your water bills
  • Flooring that begins to warp or bulge
  • Paint or wallpaper that starts to peel
  • Drywall that seems soft/moist to the touch

Never delay when you start to see signs pointing to water leaking anywhere in your home. SERVPRO of Metro Brockton is available 24/7 to get to the heart of the problem, offering rapid water damage repair to make your interior “Like it never even happened.” Call us when you need us at (508) 690-4690, and we will send a crew out as soon as possible.

How Can a Water Damage Restoration Professional Help When Homeowners Have an Emergency Water Problem?

10/10/2020 (Permalink)

split copper water pipe with leak Call SERVPRO fast to mitigate the water damage from a burst pipe or other mishap in your Brockton home

SERVPRO Trained Technicians Help Brockton Property Owners With Rapid-Response Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration Services.

Water intrusions come from unexpected places at unexpected times. Local Brockton SERVPRO water damage restoration technicians (WRTs) do emergency cleanup and damage mitigation so property owners can get on with their lives. Service is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

What Benefits Does SERVPRO Provide to Brockton Property Owners?

We understand that water damage emergencies are stressful and frustrating. SERVPRO WRTs manage your Brockton water damage emergency quickly and efficiently. Our teams take care of water damage details for you. Our teams:

  • Respond within four hours
  • Expertly determine the extent of water damage
  • Always put safety first
  • Provide a written estimate
  • Answer your questions
  • Respond to your concerns
  • Document their work
  • Communicate with your insurance claims adjuster

How Can SERVPRO Help Mitigate the Effects of Water Intrusions?

Water intrusions stemming from broken pipes, faulty appliances, and sewer overflows can create costly damage in a short time. Brockton water damage restoration technicians can save you time and money by responding quickly to your call. Your highly trained team can get right to work with professional equipment to solve the problem.

  • Move furniture and other items to protect your flooring
  • Quickly set up a staging area with the necessary equipment
  • Locate hidden water

They will then begin the restoration process.

  • Extract water using pumps and professional extracting equipment
  • Clean and sanitize areas affected by black water (water that contains contaminants)
  • Thoroughly dry all affected property with air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Clean all affected areas thoroughly
  • Make repairs like installing carpet, painting, and hard floor surface repairs
  • Supervise rebuilding

If your Brockton property is affected by a water intrusion, act quickly to mitigate damage. Save time and money. Call your local water damage restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Metro Brockton at (508) 690-4690.

What Tools Does SERVPRO Use for Water Removal in my Brockton home?

8/23/2020 (Permalink)

boots standing in a flooded room Removing water from your home is a complicated process. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation and mitigation services.

Brockton Homeowners Are Looking For Fast and Efficient Water Removal

Homeowners in Brockton want their homes to be safe, secure, and lovely to live in. That is why they need cleanup and restoration professionals to rely on in the event of a disaster. SERVPRO’s local teams know the area well, but have access to national training and resources that make us Faster To Any Size Disaster.

You will need water removal services in Brockton if your home suffers water damage due to:

  • A flood or storm
  • A broken door, window, gutter or seal that lets water into your home
  • A leaking or damaged washer, dryer, dishwasher or refrigerator
  • Plumbing leaks seeping through walls or ceilings

Why is extraction so necessary?

Extraction – another word for water removal – is an essential step in water mitigation. Thorough water extraction means the drying process will be quicker and easier. Proper drying is key to minimizing mold growth, restoring damaged items, and making your home liveable once more, so helping the process along with extraction is a must.

What tools does SERVPRO use for water removal?

SERVPRO teams have several professional tools on hand to extract water from your home:

  • Extraction units – these can be free-standing or truck mounted
  • Carpet wands – suitable for water removal before the cleanup process, and useful for mopping up excess water after too
  • Deep extraction tools to pull water out of carpet – these come in both motorized and manual models, both of which use the technician’s weight to press out more water

Which tools are best for the job?

The choice of tool depends very much on the water mitigation project. For example, a truck-mounted extraction unit might work better for massive flooding on the ground floor of a building, but might not be flexible enough to use on a multi-floor job. A deep extraction tool might be perfect for a soaked carpet that is robust enough to use the device on, but a carpet wand might be better for smaller or more delicate rugs.

Whichever tools we use, you can rest assured that our team will keep working until your home is clean, dry, and pleasant to be in once more.

For help with water removal, call SERVPRO of Metro Brockton at (508) 690-4690.

Click here for more information about Brockton.

We Are Ankle-Deep in Water - Who Can Help Save My Brockton Floors?

7/12/2020 (Permalink)

water damage red sofa You can feel confident depending on SERVPRO of Metro Brockton to restore the function and appearance of the wide variety of floors after water damage.

SERVPRO Uses the Water Damage Restoration Industry's Best Practices and Innovative Strategies to Remove Water and Residual Moisture from Residential Flooring in Brockton

When water pours across your Brockton house's floors, you must act quickly to avoid permanent damage. Although floors are designed to shrug off minimal amounts of fluids, as long as someone wipes them up promptly, substantial amounts of water can harm the top layer and percolate through one or more levels to impair the function of the subfloor. If this happens, you have more than a nuisance on your hands--the structure of your home is at risk.

Do All Types of Floors Risk Ruin from Water Damage?

Floors in your Brockton home suffer water damage to different extents. Some kinds of flooring are, in theory, designed to shed water completely. Other floor materials come through a flood of water reasonably well as long as the installation was done appropriately, and maintenance was routine. Water damage can be severe with other flooring choices, and the materials might need replacement. Making the determination requires training and experience with variants in flooring and knowledge of strategies that work well with each type. Since more than one kind of flooring was likely in the water path, professional restorers are preferred as they can evaluate the range of variables.

How Does Moisture Affect Hard Flooring?

Nearly every home has at least one space with hard flooring, and often many rooms feature it as a top layer or substrate. SERVPRO crews are vigilant about evaluating your home's circumstances carefully as the installation of your floors can differ from your neighbors even if they look the same before the damage.

What Are Water Damage Concerns with Concrete Floors?

Generally speaking, a concrete floor in your basement, garage, or other area endures the deluge without significant damage. Concrete is porous and absorbs some water, causing calcium deposits on the surface as the water evaporates. Our crew determines moisture levels and uses best practices as established by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to dry the material. If painted:

    •    Flaking or blistering can present
    •    Depending on the paint used, lead could be a hazard, requiring the coating to be removed by specially trained, certified, and licensed technicians

How Do Resilient Tiles Manage Moisture?

Resilient tile is usually made of asphalt or vinyl, installed over concrete. Asphalt tile typically holds tight after water damage, although calcium or waxy substances can deposit on top, needing and responding well to a scrub. Vinyl tiles are more likely to dislodge than asphalt if the water damage was substantial or stood for a time, and the adhesive used in installation can come loose as the concrete pushes moisture out. Vinyl tiles are easier to replace, and attaching new tiles might be more efficient than drying. Other issues with resilient tiles include:

    •    Possibility of asbestos in the tile materials or glues, which requires remediation by a certified asbestos technician
    •    If applied over wood subfloors rather than concrete, some or all of the tiles might need removal to dry the wood materials to prevent warping

Are Ceramic Tiles Impervious to Water Damage?

Because of their common use in bathrooms and kitchens, homeowners cannot be faulted for believing ceramic tile shows no effects from water damage. This is true only if the grout has no cracks and is sealed, and if any caulking around showers, tubs, toilets, and along the wall line is in excellent repair. Usually, a wood subfloor underlies ceramic tile, which can warp if wet. Warping can dislodge the tiles, or even crack them in extreme cases. We always check for a damp subfloor, often achieving successful drying from beneath.

What Are the Chances for Laminate and Hardwood Floors to Survive Water Damage?

Laminate flooring does not hold up to water damage well, and nearly always needs removal and replacement. It is an engineered product, and the layers, including the decorative veneer on top, delaminate easily, splitting and peeling apart. Hardwood floors are reasonably resilient, particularly if mitigation and remediation proceed quickly. As with most "tough" floors, the issues arise because the subfloor, frequently plywood, absorbs water that trickles down, warping. The wet subfloor also permits wicking of the water into the hardwood planks and strips, causing cupping and crowning. If mild, the distortion might be sandable before refinishing. Severe deformity can lead to buckling, where the fasteners let go, and the strips or planks come entirely away. Replacement of some or all of the hardwood is occasionally necessary if swift and complete drying of the subfloor does not occur.

You can feel confident depending on SERVPRO of Metro Brockton to restore the function and appearance of the wide variety of floors after water damage. Call us at (508) 690-4690 as soon as possible for the best results.

How Do I Get Rid of Damp in my Brockton Home?

6/21/2020 (Permalink)

water droplets leaking in bucket from ceiling, damaged roof Our technicians arrive on the scene with equipment to detect excess humidity and packets of moisture. Call right away for best results.

Dampness is a Symptom of Water Damage in your Home. SERVPRO Technicians can Identify and Address Dampspots in your Home.

Why does damp occur?

Dampness occurs when warm, humid air comes into contact with cold walls and condensates. If there is persistent dampness in your home, it may be prudent to use Brockton restoration services to investigate the cause. Sometimes moisture can be the result of a slow leak or insufficient insulation. When there is the presence of water from a hole, it can raise the relative humidity of your home above its average level. It is crucial to investigate persistent dampness in your home as these spots can become hotbeds for microbial activity leading to mold or bacteria in the house.

How do I find the cause of dampness in my home?

Inspecting for water damage in your Brockton home is an exact science. The measuring equipment you need includes a thermo hygrometer, moisture sensor, and if you suspect water in cavities, thermal imaging cameras. Usually, the first measurement is to assess relative humidity. We take humidity readings from unaffected rooms and compare them with moisture in the affected area. If there is a disparity, then we know that there is not an external issue like weather change as the root cause of the problem. We can then use moisture sensors to measure walls and isolate the area of damp.

What are the long-term effects of dampness?

  • Poor indoor air quality and odor
  • Paint discoloration and cracking
  • Mold growth

Is damp harmful to a building?

Long-term water issues that result from damp spots can be expensive to fix. Over-time exposure to water can lead to rotting, warping of structure, and mold growth, which can spread quickly throughout your home. Using a professional restorer is essential to addressing the causes of damp and ensuring that there is no long-term damage.

If you notice damp in your home, contact SERVPRO of Metro Brockton at (508) 690-4690.

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Whom Can I Trust to Help Me Dry Out My Brockton Water Damaged House?

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

A wall with the drywall cut with pipes exposed. With a red bucket on the floor. When it comes to your Brockton water damage, SERVPRO will happy to assist.

SERVPRO Commits to Provide the Highest Quality Water Damage Restoration for Brockton Residents with Integrity and Compassion

A burst pipe or broken appliance thrusts a homeowner directly into a water loss crisis. Vast quantities of water flow, even from standard household plumbing. It is not uncommon for the leakage to occur overnight or while a family is away at work or school, increasing the intensity and severity of the damage.

Why Should I Look for Professional Assistance with a Water Emergency?

Water damage to your Brockton home can impact structures and contents at several levels. Most apparent is standing water, which can be inches or deeper, depending on the amount of fluid flowing from the pipe, pump, or hose. Once the supply line shuts off, the water might recede, seeming to disappear on its own. Counting on the water crisis having such a simple resolution is a mistake.

Where Does the Water Go?

When water invades your dwelling, it is constantly on the move, seeking cracks and crevices to seep through. It wicks into porous materials like carpet and drywall and collects above ceilings and in building cavities. A hardwood floor can seem completely dry while the water actively soaks the sublayers, eventually warping the strips or planks forming the surface you walk on from underneath. 

What Happens if the Water Lingers?

Water is incredibly corrosive and destructive, crumbling walls, rusting metal fasteners, warping framing, and activating mold growth and resultant damage, among other concerns. SERVPRO Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained employees not only aggressively extract visible water, but also gather data to create and implement a structural drying plan. We follow the restoration industry best practices, ensuring that when we wind up your water recovery project, your home is clean, dry, disinfected, and deodorized, “Like it never even happened.”

Your confidence in the trained and skilled team at SERVPRO of Metro Brockton is well-placed. Call us at (508) 690-4690 to arrange for a prompt assessment and speedy mitigation and remediation of residential water damage.

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